Panoramic View 8 Miles from Fort Franklin,
N.W.T. Painting by George Back,
11-21 March 1826. Library and Archives of Canada

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Northern Athapaskan Footwear

Classroom Activities & Projects

About the Exhibition:

Tradition and Innovation: Northern Athapaskan Footwear traces change and evolution in footwear made by Northern Athapaskans through two hundred years of their recent history, from late in the eighteenth century when Europeans first encountered them, to the present day.

This exhibition reflects field research sponsored by the Bata Shoe Museum. Ethnologist Judy Thompson learned from the men and women about traditional life on the land, and the process of creating footwear ‘from moose to moccasin’. A cornerstone of this unit are the quotes from First Nations people about each step in the process, giving students the opportunity to experience this vibrant culture through the voices of real people and to recognize that they have both resonance and relevance today.

About the Activities:

While teachers will find ways to use this exhibition at many different grade levels, it is particularly applicable to the middle grades, where Canadian students are learning about Indigenous peoples and their first contact with Europeans.

The following activities are suitable for intermediate level Social Studies.

The activities may be used individually, or may form an entire unit, as preferred. There are opportunities for students to apply their learning for each activity.

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A bibliography is provided with age-appropriate materials.
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