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Level: 6 to 7 years


The purpose of this game is for children to become aware of the various functions of shoes. Children will become aware of certain jobs, sports, or recreational activities which require a particular type of footwear. Possible occupations, sports, etc.: firefighter, ballerina, clown, construction worker, astronaut, basketball player, soccer player, rock climber, hockey player, cowboy.

How to play: Child is shown a picture of one of the occupations, sports, etc. listed above. The picture may depict a person wearing the shoes or just be a close-up of the shoe itself. If the group consists of older children, then words on index cards may be used instead. Once the child has seen the picture/word then he/she must try to act out the person who would wear these shoes. The other children are to guess who the child is portraying.

Children should be divided into two groups. One child from each team will be selected to come up, select a card, and act out occupation, sport, etc. The team that the child is on will have the opportunity to guess. Once the team is able to correctly identify the person being portrayed, the other team will follow. Teams will rotate back and forth until all pictures have been used.