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I Spy A Shoe...

Level: 6 to 8 years


Bring examples of shoes made from different materials to the classroom: wooden clogs, plastic running shoes, fabric dress shoes, leather work boots, silk slippers, moccasins, fur boots, sandals, plastic flip flops, etc. Begin by asking your students why people wear shoes. Elicit some answers from your students to discover the most common reasons why people wear shoes: to protect the feet, to keep warm, to keep dry, to be comfortable, to look beautiful, to play certain sports, etc.

Next, show them some of the shoes you have brought to the classroom. Ask them questions to describe each shoe; you may want to make a word list on the blackboard of the vocabulary the students use. What is it made of? What does it feel like: is it hard/soft/supple? You may want to focus on opposites: shiny/dull; textured/smooth; strong/fragile; warm/cool. What can you do with it: can you bend it or break it? What would happen if the material touched water/heat/ice/fire/nails/sharp rocks? What place would you wear it? What could you wear it for? In what type of weather would the shoe be useful? What kind of person would wear this shoe? What would it sound like if we walked on concrete/grass/wooden floors? Does the shoe smell?

Finally, sit with your students in a circle. Have them take their shoes off and put the shoes in front of them. Play an 'I spy' game with your students. For example: 'I spy a shoe… made of animal skin'. Or: 'I spy a shoe good for running around'.