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Animal Tracks

Level: 10 to 12 years


Worksheet 1: Animal Tracks introduces some of the animals that live on the Great Plains. Students match five trail patterns to the animals that make them (bison/buffalo; grizzly; porcupine; elk; moose).

Divide students into pairs. Ask each pair to look through the web exhibition 'Paths Across the Plains'. Ask them to find shoes or moccasins made from parts of the animals on the worksheet: one object for each animal, five objects in total. You may want to explore with your students the difference between a moccasin and a shoe: a moccasin is made of one piece of hide with no separate sole, while the upper of a shoe is sewn to a separate sole.

Once the group has identified five shoes/moccasins, they choose one of the five and answer the following questions. Write these questions on the blackboard, or prepare your own worksheet.

Ask each group to give a small presentation on one of the shoes they've chosen.