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Level: 7 to 8 years


Explain the pokkuri geta in more detail. Pokkuri geta were worn by girls at age 3, 5 and 7 for Shichi-go-san (literally seven, five, three), a festival celebrated by parents on the fifteenth of November to mark the growth of their children. Wearing their dressiest clothing, families visit a Shinto shrine on or near November 15 to have prayers offered by priests. The pokkuri geta in the exhibition have the delightful feature of a bell which is built into the underside of the platform. It would tinkle with every step, adding audible gaiety to the occasion. Pokkuri describes the sound they make in Japanese.

Ask students to write a story about the girl who wore the pokkuri geta. Tell them to be sure to make the shoes part of their story!