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Weather Wise

Level: 7 to 8 years


To begin, ask the students to give examples of different types of footwear they wear when it's hot, cold and wet. Locate Japan on the classroom world map. Discuss Japan's varied climate. Explain that in the past, the traditional type of footwear in Japan was most often a form of sandal (geta or zori) worn with a tabi sock.

Explore the Weather Wear section of the exhibition with your class, noting the geta with toe caps and the different types of rice straw footwear for cold and snowy conditions. Explain that straw is left over once the rice was harvested, and that it was a good insulator from the cold. Talk about the Kanjiki, or snowshoes, and compare them to snowshoes used in Canada. Print copies of the footwear to post in the classroom, clearly labeled with their name.

Ask the students to complete Worksheet 1 - Weather Wise, where they will describe what they wear in rainy and snowy weather, as well as what was worn in Japan.