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Materials Mix and Match

Gr. 11 Ontario Curriculum: Fashion and Creative Expression; any other class at the high school level that discusses fashion and society

In order to learn about the nature of materials, ask students to complete the Shoe Materials worksheet, matching each material to its description. The exhibition 'Heights of Fashion' presents shoes made from the following materials: muslin, mother-of-pearl, taffeta, linen, kid, velvet, brocade, grosgrain.

Download the Shoe Materials worksheet or create your own. To create this worksheet, use our glossary to find definitions to match each of these materials. Make available some good dictionaries so students can research the definitions. If computers are in the classroom, students can also find information on the various materials on the Internet, and so match the materials to the definitions. To add a tactile component, teachers can collect samples of these materials and present them to students after completion of the worksheet.