Zuni Bride with wedding bootsPhoto by William Pennington, 1910BSM P80.1432
Zuni Bride with wedding boots
Photo by William Pennington, 1910
BSM P80.1432

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FOOTSTEPS ON THE SACRED EARTH: Native Peoples of the Southwest

Classroom Activities & Projects

Pueblo farmers and nomadic hunters and warriors inhabited the American Southwest for approximately 10,000 years. Their material culture, lifestyles, belief systems and world views reflect their relationship with their diverse environments and natural resources. By closely examining the traditional footwear of these peoples, a variety of topics can be explored: spiritual beliefs, social organization, the influence of environment and climate on the economies, social structure, and culture of a traditional society, and the impact of European contact.

The following activities are suitable for both Middle School Social Studies (Grade 6 in the Ontario curriculum) and high school students of anthropology or American history.
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