Sumo Wrestler wearing getaUtagawa Kunisada (1785-1864)Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Art Resource, NY
Sumo Wrestler wearing geta
Utagawa Kunisada (1785-1864)
Victoria and Albert Museum, London/Art Resource, NY

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JAPANESE FOOTGEAR: Walking the Path of Innovation

Classroom Activities & Projects

The footwear in Japanese Footgear: Walking the Path of Innovation shows how inventive people can be with the limited indigenous resources of wood, bamboo and rice straw. From shoes made to protect one's feet from the elements, to shoes made to do specific jobs, to shoes for special occasions, the makers of Japanese footwear showed great ingenuity and skills in creating these functional tools. Teachers will find ways to use this exhibition at many different grade levels, but it is particularly applicable to the primary grades, where students are learning about other communities around the world.

The following activities are suitable for primary level Social Studies (Grade 2 in the Ontario curriculum), where students determine the ways that climate influences clothing, and identify differences and similarities in the ways communities around the world meet their needs for clothing. In addition, by using the 2D and 3D features of the exhibition, students can practice using specific vocabulary to describe the position and motion of objects (Grade 2 Science in the Ontario curriculum).