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  • Detail of a sash worn as part of a Berber bride's wedding costume showing a rich array of colours and geometric shapes.
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The Weave of Life
A wonderfully rich array of colours and patterns can be found in traditional Berber textiles. Women traditionally created the textiles that they and their families needed. Proficiency at weaving was desirable in a bride. A sash would have highlighted the skills of a young bride.
Collection of Linda Gross


The Berbers are the indigenous people of Morocco. Traditionally, they lived in the mountainous area of the Atlas Mountains and were famous for their horsemanship and herding. Converted to Islam by the 16th century, Berbers consider marriage to be an essential step in life. Berber marriages are frequently private affairs, an exception being the famous Imichil marriage market which conducts public exchanges of wedding vows en masse each September.