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  • Photograph of traditional Macedonian wedding bread.
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Pogacha: Macedonian Wedding Bread
Bread is a central element of Macedonian weddings. The pogacha, a large decorated loaf of bread made with rich ingredients, symbolizes fruitfulness and the staff of life. During the wedding ceremony, the pogacha is placed on the table in front of the altar. After the ceremony, the bread is taken to the reception and offered to the guests who, when they take a piece of bread, wish the couple a good marriage.
Bread baked by Jelena Gadzovski
Photographed by Stephanie Draker
© Bata Shoe Museum


Traditional Macedonian Orthodox weddings were festive affairs. Brides and grooms were escorted to church by the sounds of drums, bagpipes and a cheerful crowd. After the ceremony, the exuberant celebrations continued with lively music, traditional dancing, and feasting, which celebrated the new couple and further united their families.