Activities & Projects

Shoe Museum

Recommended by Cirriculum Services Canada

Level: Grade 2

Preparation: print permission letter and Worksheet 2: Shoe Museum label

Duration: 20 min. introduction; 60 min. writing and displaying; 60 min. touring = 140 min

Materials: world map, table or other space for exhibition

  • create simple media works
  • locate various countries on a world map
  • communicate ideas for a specific purpose

Begin: Ask students to bring a shoe from home to display in a classroom shoe museum. Encourage them to bring shoes that are (or were) worn for a celebration, that reflect a tradition, or that tell a story. For example, they could bring their mother’s wedding shoe, their own baby shoe, or footwear another country.

Alternatively, ask students to decorate or create their own fancy “celebration shoe” using found materials, and an old shoe of their own.

Learn: Help each student to identify 3 or 4 key words for their shoe. They can then write a label for the shoe. If the shoes are from another country, ask the student to locate it on the world map.

Help the students to display their shoes and labels in the chosen space. Depending on what the students bring in, you may wish to organize them thematically – wedding shoes, baby shoes etc.

Apply: Students can then create an invitation to view the ‘museum’ for a student in another class, or a family member. Each student can be a ‘tour guide’ for their shoe, using the key words.

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