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Celebration Shoes

Recommended by Cirriculum Services Canada

Level: Grade 2

Preparation: print Worksheet 1: Celebrations Interview, draw shoe outline

Duration: 30 min. introduction; 60 min. presenting; [30 min. charting] = 90-120 min

Materials: blackboard or flipchart

  • locate simple information about family history and traditions from interviews
  • share family traditions with the rest of the class
  • locate various countries on a world map

Begin: Draw a large outline of a shoe on a blackboard or flipchart. Start brainstorming and record anything the students can think of related to shoes. Guide students to think about fashion, colour, materials, shoes in stories and, in particular, special occasion shoes. You might also like to read one of the Cinderella variants to get students thinking about shoes and weddings, in addition to other shoe-related stories from around the world (click here for Bibliography).

Learn: Ask the students to list some special occasions (weddings, birthday parties, graduations, etc.). Have they have ever been to events like these? Can they describe any special clothing they wore to the event? Did any of them wear special shoes? Did the other guests? Can the students describe any special clothes or shoes that other people wore at the event?

Review the questions on Worksheet 1: Celebrations Interview, and ask students to conduct the interview with an adult in their family who has had a wedding. Students will then share the results of their interview with the class. If the studentsí families are from a variety of cultures, it may be appropriate to create a chart reflecting the number of families from each country of origin. Locate each country on the world map with the class.

Apply: Revisit the brainstorming list with the students. Can the students relate words on the list to any of the celebrations described in the studentsí Celebrations Interview presentations?

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