Métis FamilyPaper, pigmentPeter Rindisbacher, c. 1826BSM P80.982
Métis Family
Paper, pigment
Peter Rindisbacher, c. 1826
BSM P80.982
Fort LaramieAlfred Jacob Miller, c.1840sJoslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska
Fort Laramie
Alfred Jacob Miller, c.1840s
Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska
Métis TravellingBy Paul Kane, 1846With permission of the Royal Ontario Museum  ROM912.1.24
Métis Travelling
By Paul Kane, 1846
With permission of the Royal Ontario Museum ROM

Artists on the Plains

Although many of the early Western artists who ventured on to the Plains sought to simply document what they saw, many later artists used the West as artistic inspiration that found expression on canvas back in their East Coast studios. These artists, in particular, were fundamental to the creation of many of the commonly held romantic ideas of Great Plains life.

Peter Rindisbacher
Alfred Jacob Miller
Paul Kane