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  • A map rendering that illustrates the regions in the Canadian Arctic occupied by the Copper Inuit Community.
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Land use of the Copper Inuit

Aerial view of western Victoria Island and Holman
January 1987
Photograph by Rick Riewe

Copper Inuit

Copper Inuit, the westernmost Canadian Inuit, reside mainly in the centralized communities of Kuluktuk (formerly Coppermine), Cambridge Bay and Holman. Several families live in outpost camps along Coronation Gulf, Bathurst Inlet, Contwoyto Lake and on Victoria Island.

The area is largely tundra but there are forested areas on the south and southwestern margins along the Coppermine River and Great Bear Lake. Rocky hills and outcrops, tundra ponds, large lakes and rivers dominate the landscape. The land animals that sustain the Copper Inuit include caribou, wolf, moose, musk ox, and arctic hare, while the fresh and salt water provides many types fish, and seal.