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  • A map rendering showing the regions of the Canadian Arctic frequented by the Mackenzie Delta Inuvialuit Inuit Community.
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Land use of the Netsilik Inuit

Netsilik Inuit traveling over the frozen landscape.
Photograph by David Pelly

Netsilik Inuit

The territory of the Netsilik Inuit spans a vast area from Garry Lake, Back River, and Chantrey Inlet in the southwest, along Committee Bay in the east, and north to the tip of Boothia Peninsula. The main communities are Gjoa Haven, Taloyoak and Pelly Bay.

The rolling hills, rock outcrops, and lowlands that dominate this area are covered with different arctic grasses, sedges, willows and forbs. The Netsilik are settled near large lakes and rivers and they also have access to the ocean. The area supports many types of animals and waterfowl such as caribou, musk ox, arctic hare and ptarmigan, while the sea supports bearded seal, beluga, narwhal, walrus and polar bear. The ringed seal, the most abundant marine mammal throughout the region, is the mainstay of the Netsilik Inuit.