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  • A map rendering depicting the region of the Canadian Arctic populated by the Labrador Inuit Community.
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Land use of the Labrador Inuit

Inuit fishing camp north of Nain, Labrador.
Photograph by Fred Bruemmer

Labrador Inuit

Before the late eighteenth century, Labrador Inuit inhabited the entire Labrador coast, but today they live primarily in several coastal communities including Nain, Hopedale, Postville, Makkovik and Rigolet. Their hunting territory is dominated by mountain ranges on the northern coastline, which is indented with narrow fiords. Nain, the largest Inuit community in northern Labrador, is situated at the edge of the tree line. Inland from Nain, a treeless mountain plateau provides access to caribou, wolf, and small game. The Labrador Sea is rich with ringed seal, harp seal, bearded seal, walrus, beluga, and polar bear. Arctic and red fox, ptarmigan, arctic hare, and waterfowl live in the coastal areas. The lakes and rivers have several species of fish, including Atlantic salmon and arctic char.