Three Beauties in the RainColour wood block printTorii Kiyonaga© Burstein Collection/CORBIS
Three Beauties in the Rain
Colour wood block print
Torii Kiyonaga
© Burstein Collection/CORBIS

Inclement Weather Wear

Footgear has been adapted to meet the needs of the various climatic conditions of Japan, which can range from tropical typhoons along the coast to very deep snowfalls in the mountainous North. During snowy winters, straw, an excellent insulator from the cold, was fashioned into a variety of footwear styles.


Ame Geta

Women wear geta with toe caps made of painted leather, waterproofed paper or oiled cloth to protect their cotton tabi from rain and splatters of mud.

Takaba Geta

For rainy days, geta with high teeth are worn by people to keep their feet and tabi out of puddles.