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  • Oil painting entitled 'The Moccasin Seller'. Indian woman wearing a blanket and smoking a pipe crosses the snow on wooden plank snowshoes and carries several pairs of embroidered moccasins in her hand.
  • Magnifying Glass

The Moccasin Seller by Cornelius Krieghoff, 1872.
Hal Roth Photography, Toronto.
© Bata Shoe Museum, BSM P84.171

North America


Traditionally, Athapaskans lived in small groups, scattered over a large area stretching from Hudson Bay to the Alaskan Coast. The Bata Shoe Museum sponsored fieldwork among the Athapaskans recording how traditional footwear was made. Most of them led a nomadic or semi-nomadic life in pursuit of food. For their clothing and footwear they used deer skins, caribou and moose. Frequently they traded goods with the neighbouring Cree tribes who made fine moccasins as well. In fact, some of the Museum's most treasured moccasins are Cree.