• top frame 
  • Hand coloured etching of man and woman in Eskimo costume. He holds spear and arrows, she has baby in boot and in hood of jacket and holds a fishing her right hand.
  • Magnifying Glass

Esquimaux Indians of the Coast of Labrador. Communicated by a Moravian Missionary, 1812.
Hal Roth Photography, Toronto.
© Bata Shoe Museum, BSM P83.222

Qapik Attagutsiak on her porch with a spotted sealskin.
© Photograph by Jill Oakes.

North America

Canadian Arctic

Some of the most important treasures held by the Museum are the words and images of contemporary women who continue to craft traditional footwear. By collecting both the footwear and the voices of these women the Museum strives to preserve not only artefacts, the concepts, motivations and intentions of the makers. Research of this kind in the Canadian Arctic inspired one of the first major exhibitions and a subsequent publication, Our Boots, an Inuit Women's Art, in 1996.