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  • Photograph of the Bata Shoe Museum storage room
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Bata Shoe Museum storage room
Photograph by Matthew Plexman


The Bata Shoe Museum collection is divided into two rooms. One room contains circumpolar footwear as well as an extensive group of moccasins from North America. The second room contains footwear from all the other regions in the world. The boots and shoes are stored geographically and then chronologically within those regions.

Each room has its own air conditioning unit which controls the temperature and humidity to help preserve the materials from which the footwear and related material is composed. Light levels are also controlled. The top third of the walls is painted white as is the ceiling. The light ballasts face upwards which allows the light to be reflected into the rooms. The lights are always turned off when the room is not in use.

The collection is stored on rack shelving. This shelving is composed of uprights and brackets and is adjustable to compensate the varying heights of the boots and shoes.