Asantehene (ăsh. 'ăn.tee.'hee.nee) – A ruler of the Ashanti people of Ghana.

Chopine (shō'peen) – Shoes with wooden platforms that were often covered with lavish materials such as velvet, lace, ribbon, and tassels.

Hausa ('house.ă) – A Sahelian people located in Nigeria, southeastern Niger, and other parts of West Africa.

Jin lian ('gĭn.lee.ĭn) – 'Golden lotus' bound feet of women of Han ethnicity throughout Imperial China.

Kamik ('kă.mick) – Inuit boots made of seal skin or caribou.

Mitras ('mee.tras) – Heavy, large stirrups in the shape of the cross used by Spanish conquistadors in the New World. Named after a bishop's mitre.

Mojari (mō'jă – Shoe with an exaggerated upturned toe from India.

Nalin ('năh.lĭn) – Stilted sandals of wood or metal from Turkey or Syria.

Opanke (ō'păn.kee) – Boat–shaped shoe with upturned pointed toe found in Northern Iran and Eastern Europe.

Paduka ('bă.dū'kă) – Toe–knob sandals that are one of the oldest forms of footwear in India.